Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Introducing... Me

I just published a book, so here's the "About the Author" page (in third person):

Clinton “Joe” Andersen, Jr. served a mission for the LDS Church far away in the land of Russia. Well, he was born somewhere first, of course. Had great parents. Three younger sisters and a cocker spaniel. So at age 19, Joe witnessed, firsthand, the devastation that Soviet communism had inflicted upon… customer service, for example, a once benign concept that seems to have been hunted down and eradicated from the Russian psyche.

Two years later, upon returning to the States, he saw this country as he had never seen it before: smooth pavement, clean streets and a colossal row of cereal at each and every grocery store! It was a bit overwhelming at first. Soon he hit the jackpot by marrying a woman with a special talent: a seemingly endless supply of patience with Joe’s most eccentric undertakings, including a three-year venture into writing and publishing this very book. Before that, she endured a five-year construction project that resulted in a genuine backyard hobbit hole.

The Andersens’ hobbit hole has appeared in print media, such as The Mesa Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and Backyard Living magazine. It has also appeared on HGTV’s “Offbeat America” and local news. In fact, it was awarded 3TV’s “Best Home Sweet Home" of 2006.

Joe earned a bachelors in mechanical engineering from Arizona State in 2001. Since then, he's worked on everything from water treatment plants to designing multiple subdivisions, from aerospace solenoid valves to turbine engine parts. It's not rocket science, but its close. Besides, Joe also found work in the field of brain surgery as a neurosurgical image guidance engineer. Seriously.

Joe’s youtube channel showcases his knack for video editing. There are also videos of the hobbit hole and a true classic in film-making: “Clayton’s Backyard Documentary”.

Joe and Karen currently have two children, Clayton and Shereen and one child on the way.
So what does the future hold? Possibly publishing... as in Possibly Publishing, the name of Joe’s publishing company. Its plan and purpose is to produce the non-fiction book series How Can You Possibly, already trademarked, by the way.

Another project on the horizon involves animal welfare. There’s a long overlooked behavioral problem that afflicts wild animals in captivity. It's called stereotyping and it's essentially "captivity induced obsessive compulsive disorder". Joe has developed a treatment strategy that is so radical, people often do not take it seriously at first. The details of this approach will be revealed to the public when appropriate.

By the way, Joe likes his steak-cooked medium well.

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